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Adds motion, light and sound effects to your model. You can create sequences of motion and light synchronised to your sound effects. Plays any common sound file. Easily programmed – no experience necessary.

The Smart-Fx controller

The Smart-Fx controller


6 LED outputs
2 Variable speed motor controllers
Amplified Stereo speaker outputs
Push button start
Battery or mains powered
Micro SD Card slot
User programmed
Uses standard sound files

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How it works
The SD Card contains instructions for each ‘channel’ in an easy to read text file.  A channel may be a motor or an LED.  When the start button is pressed, the Smart-Fx controller starts playing the sound file and operates the LEDs and motors according to the channel instructions.

Example instructions for an LED:  This would be in one of the LED channel files e.g. “light1.txt”

N 1
O 10
N 1
O 50

N means turn on, O means turn off.  the numbers are time in hundredths of a second.  Q means start again from the beginning of the file.  This example simulates a strobe light flashing twice, then pausing for half a second, then repeating.

Example Instructions for a motor: This would be in one of the motor channel files e.g. “motor1.txt”

R 0 100 500
R 100 0 100
S 0 200

R means Ramp.  The first R instruction increases the motor voltage from 0 to 100% over 5 seconds and the second R instruction reduces it from 100% to 0 over 1 second.  S means “Set” and sets the voltage to 0 for 2 seconds.  Then the sequence starts again.

When the sound has finished playing, all channels are switched off and the Smart-Fx controller goes into a low-power sleep mode until the start button is pressed again.

Click here for the Smart-Fx User Manual

Standard Micro SD card for sounds and user-defined program
Onboard 20 watt Stereo amplifier
6 LED outputs to program as On, Off, Flashing, Pulsing & Strobe
2 Variable speed motor outputs – can also control dimming LEDs
Sound files supported: .mp3 .ogg .wav .wma
Input voltage: between 6 and 12 volts
Size: 44mm x 55mm

Pre-wired LEDs in a variety of colours
Pre-wired Airfix motor AF1004
400mm Square Display Base for your model, other sizes available
2 x 8 Watt 4 Ohm Full Range Speakers
Start button
On/Off switch
Battery power pack (4 or 8 x AA Batteries) or Mains power supply