Here at Draycote Technology, we work 7 days a week if necessary to make sure that your rapid prototype really is rapid. But there is always a trade-off between speed and price, so we offer a range of different services:


Very Rapid Prototypes: 1-2 weeks

We can potentially go from your gerbers and bill-of-materials to a fully assembled prototype product inside a week. These very rapid prototypes are, naturally, more expensive than the other options, but if you have a deadline to meet then it could be money well spent.


Rapid Prototypes: 2-3 weeks

The same service, but at a lower cost – you can have your prototypes in around 2 weeks.


Budget Prototypes: 3-4 weeks

Given three to four weeks, we can access foreign PCB suppliers to produce prototypes which are considerably cheaper than the Rapid and Very Rapid Prototype services. These PCBs are excellent quality at a price which may surprise you.


Hand Built Prototypes

If you just need a few small boards to be built, we can offer a hand-soldering service which can be even quicker (and cheaper) than setting up the production machinery. Our highly-trained hand-soldering team can cope with components down to 0201 size.


Proof of Concept Prototypes

Sometimes you just want to see if your circuit will work, or have a board to start developing software in as little time as possible.  In these cases, we can often assemble your design using a mixture of off-the-shelf parts and veroboard to get you up and running quickly.


The prototype services above (apart from the last one) all use proper printed circuit boards (PCBs) with solder resist and silk-screen printing for a result that is indistinguishable from a production board.  Parts will generally be placed by our production equipment for maximum accuracy.  Any tooling that is bought for the prototype board is re-usable

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