Products can be assembled using free-issued components or fully procured.  Our pick-and-place equipment is capable of placing up to 2,500 components per hour to an accuracy of 0.1mm, so you are assured of a fast turnaround and a quality result.  Once assembled, PCBs are inspected, tested and can be mounted into enclosures.  Just send us your bill-of-materials (BOM) and gerber files, and let us do the rest.


Other services include cable assemblies, potting and conformal coating.


Our automated assembly equipment gives us the ability to manufacture a wide range of electronic products at high speed and accuracy from prototyping through to full volume production.

Component size from 0201 – large BGA & QFP placement
Automated Screen Printing
Manual surface mount & PTH assembly for prototypes
Fully automated surface mount and through hole PCB assembly
High accuracy BGA placement
Full in-house test capability
Functionality testing
Wiring and looming manufacture
Enclosure assembly
Total procurement and kitting service
Rework & repair

We move fast. All we need in order to price up a normal assembly job are the Gerber files for the PCB and the Bill of Materials (list of components), plus any build instructions. We can usually provide you with a quotation within 24 hours of receiving these. And if you decide to go ahead, our flexible scheduling allows us to start building your job as soon as the parts arrive, so you receive the best possible service.

You can email the relevant details to us at the address below, or give us a call to discuss it first if you prefer.