When you are shopping around on the internet and you find something you might want to buy, you don’t want to be told to “get in touch and we’ll give you a price”, you want to have it shown on your screen right now.  This is as true for buying services such as PCB assembly as it is for microwave ovens.  So we have devised a simple Online PCB Assembly Cost Estimator which allows you to provide the salient details and get a price immediately. If you like the estimated price – which is generally quite accurate – you can also use the Estimator to submit your design files for a rapid quote.

Another benefit of the Estimator is that design engineers can use it to answer some of those tricky “what if” questions that crop up during every project.  What if I replaced that 1 Watt thru-hole resistor with a (more expensive) surface mount item – would the assembly cost savings  outweigh the extra cost of the part?   What if we halved the size of the PCB and put components on both sides – would the cheaper PCB outweigh the extra assembly costs?  What if we only ordered 500 boards instead of 1000, what difference would that make?   And so on.